Behind the Seams


Some kids are content and even ecstatic to watch cartoons, play dress-up or conquer video games.  Not me!  The magical days of my childhood were spent playing "interior designer" with my Barbie houses, expanding my entrepreneur skills playing "store", learning to sew from my mom and Grandy, and of course playing "house". I always wanted to do what the big kids were doing and could talk to any adult as if they were my friend.  I processed the business world many years ahead of my age, and learned to network like an adult!  My birthday wish lists consisted of items like a real cash register, you know, the one that can print REAL receipts, and baby strollers to play "house" with, not doll strollers!  At a young age it was clear that I was destined to be an entrepreneur in a field that allowed me to be creative and design for kids.

As I reached my early 20s, I set a personal goal to give only handmade gifts for wedding and baby showers.  I quickly found I could create lovely gifts faster than I needed them, so I started an Etsy shop, Stitches by SamanthaFinally, my crafty side met my entrepreneur ambitions! With Stitches By Samantha I grew my sewing and business abilities.

After a year on Etsy, I needed more to fill my passion. I spent hours researching the online boutique market, contacted my mentors for advice, and joined several networking groups. Many nights of sleep were filled dreaming of possibilities until I finally found my niche and knew extactly what to do!  KIDLEE was born September of 2016. I'm truly blessed and speechless to where this has launched me in life, and am thrilled to continue to offer high quality custom products for sweet peas!